The evil within us

Hey you misguided soul, I know that you can hear me

Come wander in darkness, free from the people's scrutiny

It must hurt leaving them all behind, but one taste of true power

Is all it takes to make those idiots cower

Just lose yourself and sever those pointless ties

Why bother anyway, in the end those fools will all surely die!


The request sounds tempting, but treason isn't the right choice

They helped to build me from nothing, with a powerful and motivating hoist

They repaired wounds I thought would never heal, praised me for my skills

Brought me back from the brink of destruction where I was distraught with chills

Why should I listen to you and destroy myself and the people most dear to me?!

I'll only be your pawn by which you'll use to go on a torturing spree!


Humans are disgusting, I'm sure you're aware of that

Destroying each other in an eternal cycle of competition and combat

They are much too fickle, much too unpleasant

They take pride in hurting others with their jagged presence

You think they like you, enjoy your company and appreciate your exertion?!

You'll just end up another statistic in their horrid acts of coercion!


That's impossible, it's just not true

I can't forget the obstacles they helped to pull me through

Despite knowing my sense of self is as frail as autumn leaves,

They pushed me towards self confidence,  a goal I never thought i can retrieve

I can't let you have me, It just  wouldn't be right

A demon like you would relish in others quivering in sheer fright!


Give me a break, I've seen the comments made behind your back

The laughs and judgment made, the unfaithful, soul piercing attacks!

They've lied to you, flattered you up until our confrontation

They wouldn't shed a tear upon your death, can't you come to that revelation?!

They see you as a mere weapon, something to be used to better themselves

You'll be sacrificed at the drop of a dime, can't you see it yourself?

You have no value in life, you are nothing but  a lamb

Aimlessly serving time for them not knowing it's a scam!

You're much too blind, you refuse to see the obvious disparity

In their eyes, You are nothing but insipid mediocrity!

I see it clearly, those monsters plotting their horrendous schemes

Stay with me, where your mind will unravel at the seams!


If their motives are as evil as you say, I won't put up a fight

Tear my veins out to command me by and exact revenge tonight

Their masks will be ripped off, the truth finally unraveled

Their tactics finally failing with their evil faces dazzled




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