Everything's Alright

Don't come near me..

please stop right there.

I don't want your hands...

Although I know I said stop,

a million different times,

your hands caress my tiny body.

Groping and grabbing,

while I'm pleading and crying.

I don't want to feel this pain anymore,

please stop right there.

My mum's walking up now,

like she hasn't seen a thing.

But we both know she has.

Tears are streaming down my face,

snot dried on my cheeks. 

"Mummy please help me..."

I call out in the night. 

He puts his hand over my mouth,

"Shut up or it'll be worse"

And suddenly, he's gone...

I wake up with a fright, 

To terrified to move, 

I know what your plan is...

To take advantage.

It's been 13 years, now...

I'm 16.

I still wake up in the night, 

crying, pleading, begging.

For you to let me go. 

I still hear your rough growl,

whispering in my ear, 

"It's alright, babygirl, just a minute and I'll leave. I'll be finished in a minute..."

You said that to me, 

I knew better than to believe it.

Because you haven't left yet.

Not mentally.

Your voice still haunts me every night,

when everyone tells me...

everythings alright.

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