Everything was Wrong

You lit up my mornings and brightened my day,
I can still hear you yell "slay",
And we promised each other to always stay,
Changing our names to Bae,

I thought you were my perpetual Sun,
We laughed and shared the fun,
But then you grabbed the gun,
And just like that you were done,

I thought we were singing the same song,
I thought "forever" was so long,
And god damn was I wrong,

You raised my heart into the morning sky,
You made me feel like I could fly, 
And I never thought you would make me cry,
And you knew I would continue to try,

I pleaded for your love and stood in the rain,
Hungry for compassion but fed on pain,
Trapped under the unsunderable chain,
Going to fast in the wrong lane,

I begged and I bled,
Scars bear witness to that which I shed,
Regretting everything I said,
Weighed down by lead,

In the breaking dawn I see that everything was wrong,
Oh how out of tune was the song, 
By a leash you pulled me along,
But in the end you were all wrong.



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