Everything is Awesome

Have you seen the sky lately?

the blue, the white, the clouds 

how nice? Everything that sounds 

awesome. The birds chirping and 

singing the little kids dancing and 

prancing isn't it awesome? 

No tears, no fears everything is 

so right. In a world without a care 

we do what we want. Personalities burst 

like fireworks! This is so awesome 

getting along with everyone and a 

smile from people that last a while. 

Encouragement you can do this, I

believe in you and I know you believe in me.

This, this world of mine right here is awesome 

we'd all be friends and sing along around fires 

dance at parties. No problems just happiness 

just  wake ready to do it all over again 

it makes me want to scream "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!" 

No worries, don't worry I am right here no one has to be scared because instead of 

fear we have awesomeness. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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