Everything About You, It's Perfect For Me

Everytime I look at you,

I remember my entire history,

With and without you.

Your face shines so bright,

And I am forced to squint,

Because I am so blinded by

Your light of life.

Every memory,

That I remember,

It has a purpose in me,

And that is why it is there still.

Everything about you,

It makes me feel

Above and beyond,

More special than practically

Any other feeling on Earth.

I feel like I am your princess,

And you are the King.


Do you remember,

The first day that we met?

How we were both sitting there?

We just sat there,

And started to talk.

Then I find you,

Later that week,

We’re standing there,

Both really confused,

And probably happy.

From then on,

I remember,

We have been the bestest of friends.

I remember it all,

Do you?

I cannot imagine,

My life without you,

It just seems so,

Weird and impossible.

You made my life


And bearable.

You make me so happy in life,

And that is why,

I always want to be with you.

You fill me with joy,


And you make me feel proud,

Of the whackjob I am.

Because of you,

I am ok,

With being bullied,

I am ok,


Marching to the beat of a very diverse


I cannot even begin to explain,

The impact,

That you have caused on me,

That is how much you mean to me,

Multiply that,

By the number pie.

That is what you mean to me,

And caused me to be.


From the day that we became

Best Friends FOREVER,

I have always liked you.

I never said anything,

Because I thought you wouldn’t

Like me back,

And you probably still don’t,

But at least now,

You know that truth,

About how I feel about you.

We have been through

So much crap together,

That we have developed,

An unbreakable relationship,

With each other.

We got through,

With the assholes,

And when you decided that you were too cool

To hang around with me.

We stuck through with it,

We never gave up.

you may not be,

The classic sight,

That a girl would want,

To date.

But I could care less about,

  • Your height

  • Your weight

  • Your race

  • Your money

  • Your age

I just don’t care about any of it,

Because I like you,

For your personality,

Your generosity,

Your kindness,

Your friendship,

Your love,

Your flaws,

Your mistakes,

Your errors,

Everything right,

And wrong,

About you is what

I am so attracted to you by.

I want you.

No one and nothing else.

Just all of you,

All of your mishaps,

All of your accomplishments,

I want you.


The way that you make me feel,

The way that we met,

The way you’ve affected me,

It’s all in my head,

The way that you treat me,

The way that you talk,

The way that you move,

I just can’t get enough.

Everything about you,

It is all,




I’m totally sure,

It’s all just,

Perfect for me.

It isn’t about,

Whether each of us are perfect,

It’s about,

Whether we are perfect for

Each other.



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