Everyday its something new.I

Mon, 01/15/2018 - 21:48 -- jal790

Everyday its something new.

I try and try to keep you at bay, but I just can't get rid of you. 

I've tried ignoring, I've tried it all, but all that's left is this big black hole. 

You keep my eyes shut from the world unable to see the light in life,

You leave me with nothing but darkness...barely alive. 

I can feel you in my bones with every waking hour,

And fear you in my dreams, you're left with all the power.

I hope you know the struggle that it's been,

I cant talk to my family about you because they think you're just a myth...a sin. 

They think your something I've conjured up in my mind,

And maybe you are... but you leave me feeling confined. 

You come so quickly and leave me nothing but destruction, 

My breath gets taken from me until I cannot function. 

It's like this dark cloud is hung over me,

My life used to be in color, but you took that too and threw away the key. 

You threw away the key to my mind and heart, 

You control it now, you took the good part. 

I mourn the death of me, 

You killed her a long time ago. 

I just hope I can be revived before I actually go. 

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