Every step breaks my heart

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 21:25 -- Spring


Before you came, I was a mirror that cannot reflect.

Before you came, I was an incomplete sculpture.

You came and awaken my soul.

You came and planted a heart in my empty vessel.

You came and tattooed me with hope.

You compliment my completeness.

You were the spring to my winter.

This heart of mine is for you.

Oh how rare you were like love.

I love you without pride.

I love you regardless of the problem and the solution.

This heart of mine is for you only.

The curls of your smiles started to straighten.

You start to fade from my life.

I gave you my heart and you spit it out.

Maybe I fall in love too fast but forgetting you will take the longest.

This heart of mine is still. 

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