Ever Wonder

Ever wonder what it’s like to stare into the eyes of someone and get lost?

Like you’re in a jungle on a dark winter night?

Or how about when you’re drowning, and you can’t save yourself;

you don’t have the strength to pull yourself up because you’re infatuated.

How many times do you get that feeling in your

chest, like your heart is smiling?

Or even when you can’t bare to look at them

because the butterflies in your stomach feel like they’re piling up and up

to the point where they’re almost at your throat?

Its quite amazing how one person, just ONE, can make you feel so alive.

It’s quite crazy how you can see them thousands of times and your heart still skips a beat.

It’s quite wonderful how wanted they can make you feel.

When you’re with them, you see noting but grace.

When you stare into their eyes, you see nothing but that gentle sparkle.

When you can call them yours, and only yours, you feel like nothing can replace

the heaven that you’re living in.

You feel as though God has already given you who your life was meant to be with.

You call them your angel; that one special person that can pull you out of hell

just when you feel like you’re burning.  


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