Ever Free

It’s the flowers in the spring and the colors of autumn leaves that talk about when they welcome change.

It’s the uncertainty of tomorrow and the dangers that it brings that people talk about when they fear change,

But those are just a few ways to think of what change can mean.

On a grand scale change can be a lot of things.


It's the creeping of the ivy winding up an old oak tree.

It’s the cliffs and caves and shores carved down by the sea.

It’s the power of wind that blast billions of grains of sand.

It’s the forces that formed the world on which we stand.


This is what change is when it is tangible and easy to see,

But there are quieter ways that change can start, 

that grows more fierce and spreads just as far.  


It's the thoughts we get from a story that we’ve read.

It’s the pain and sadness from a loved one who’s now dead.

It’s the anger that we feel when we see a person wronged.

It’s the things we will do to get what we”ve long time longed.


It’s these little changes in ourselves that inspire us to do the most.

Some little joy or fear that puts ideas inside our head.

Ideas that inspire movement that makes actions that lead to more ideas.

An ever going, ever free motion because of change.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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