Ever Evolving

I am somehow both the person I was a year ago, and someone else completely

I have experienced things that have helped shape me into someone I want to be

I have fallen in love within this past year

Yet losing him is still my greatest fear


It wasn't this past year that I fell in love with him

but the year that came before

I just gained the courage to tell him how I felt for sure

because I'm hoplessly devoted to him


I experienced my first kiss and many more firsts this past year

I have conqured many challenges within this past year

I've even had to face my greatest fear

And although I am almost 18, my life feels like it started here


It's been slightly more than 365 days

and it feels like he is the only thing that ever stays

he is there when it's cloudy and when it's dark

and from him, I choose to never have to part


My first kiss was January 4th and that was important to me

it was in the hallway of my school where everyone could see

He is the love of my life or at least I'm convinced

I must be a princess, because he is my charming prince


In Feburary I almost crossed a line

But I made him wait for a little more time

I made him settle for my company

mostly just emotionally


In March it was spring break

and we took a physical break from eachother

for a while I thought he thought of himself as my brother

because during spring break I experienced such heart ache


April 28th is when I lost my virginity

That was such a huge step for me

I thought it would prove how much he matters

But honestly, he didn't even seem all that flattered


I saw him for most of the summer

And when school came again, being away from him was a bummer

We ended up having a few issues

And I may have used a coulple(hundred) boxes of tissues


Then when the new year came again

I found out that I had to move

He thought he was losing his best friend

I thought I was losing the love of my life


I moved and he told me he loves me

And I got really angry

Because he had over a year to tell it to me

And he waited until he couldn't see me


I want to go home

But the distance makes me feel stronger

He is the one I call my own

Now if only we can wait a year longer

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