Evening Walk

I didn’t see the dew fall

but I can feel it on my feet

and though the sun is setting

I taste the lingering heat

The grass riples and whispers

secrets as I pass by

they share them with the breeze

who’s giggle is like a sigh

The owls fly by silent

as they search for prey

and all of the smaller birds

quickly turn away

Deer watch me with bright eyes

frozen oh so still

and I stop to watch them

as they wander where they will

The horses in their padocks

graze and nicker to me

wondering if I’ve brought them treats

they follow behind to see

and when my walk is over

the house is in sight

the stars have come out to frolic

and dance away the night


This poem is about: 
Our world



Love the flow and rhythm of your poem. Some find syllable counting a useful way to guage line length

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