Even though you cannot see



Hi I have a few disorders

ones you cannot pshycally see

Im different in many ways

to start a list here i go

manic depression

I can flip at any second

one thing to you is a million to me

theres one thing you cannot see

bi-polar my emotions take over

then its like Im on a roller coster

happy sad mad  happy depressed

man im a messwhile your sleeping 

im tossing and turning 

my sleep disorders kills me 

when i have to wake up early i the morning

im supposed to take pills

that i once tried to over dose on

doesnt this seem fun

i have disorders that you cannot see

but let not just keep this between you and me

tells tell the world even though

you cannot see 

it doesnt mean that its not happening

i dare you to judge me

because im different im me


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