Evaluation and Analyze


Katherine Beatriz Castro

I have been through pain and sorrow

still looking for a better tomorrow 

I show love as I'm growing old

and all of the above

Sometimes I evaluate 

Because to hate is to fast of a view 

I try to dig deep

just to get the answers confused

I analyze to find that every diamond in training 

Can't even start explaining

Pressure builds but still I remember I have a will

I am only on the road in my mind 

Heavenly father can be so defined

I make my own faith

I try to get it in line

I could have more and achieve greater

But I like to settle so put down the speakers

If I told you I am young at heart would you hold it against me?

I am a nobody but apart of many 

I am a war but my soldiers aren't ready

I am a pilot but my hands aren't steady 

I timid walk and timid talk 

I like to hear whats going on near

I like that I can tell the difference as I try to listen

That your an achievement 

and not an obstacle

so I evaluate and feel powerful

I analyze what I say, has a reason before I scream treason

Because I want to sound smart in the dark

Before I let my people down

I want to life myself up

Before I sore, I want to evaluate and analyze enough

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