The Eternal Twin

The Eternal Twin
Today, every moment felt like a bit much.
I wondered how different my life would be if I had your touch.
I visualised you as if I really had you.
I found a shoulder to my head, consoling words for my anxious breath and for a moment I wished if we could have met.
I wept and strangled and swallowed our unfortunate fate.
You would have been listening to all my melodies which wasn't once.
You could have found me the hidden relief whenever there was tension in the air.
We wouldn't have realised how when we had found harmonies in our laughter.
And maybe we could have been knowing the lyrics to each other's song.
As years got passed, I accepted the reality of our solitude.
Don't know how you became the silhouette of my thoughts.
Maybe we could have shared the moments happily the way we shared our mother's womb.
I tried to fill the cup of your absence with me and my thoughts.
Till the end, that's how you lived and was remembered within me.
Oh I wished if I could have you my eternal twin.

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