Eternal Serenity


Soaring, flying, falling.

First it’s three, then one.

Falling, falling, its over.

Dark shattering cold.

My life's blood has flown,

in a river of scarlet beauty.

It flows in tandem to my stopping heart.

The darkness descends yet again.

When I awaken it is to light.

I look at myself, lying cold and lifeless.

But that can’t be I am standing vibrant and glowing.

I see the body of my past.

I turn away, and leave.

The light blinds, yet comforts.

It compels me to my knees.

My eyes trained on the ground,

I see my reflection in a lake of crystal.

My body it is not male or female.

I am free, I am living.

Flowing freely in a stream of peace.

I have left the realm of mortality.

In this world I fly without fear of falling.

The voices echo my thoughts.

This is where I belong.

This is my serenity.




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