An Essay on the Nature of the GloogenHeister

Thu, 04/23/2020 - 02:11 -- aerg


gloogenheister, gloogenheister

he's a looks a bit like a little gleister

gloogenheister, gloogenheister

he's mouth has just fangs looks like a gliester

gloogenhesiter, gloogenheister

won't you be my glogo geister


the gloogenheister is a little creature who likes to "play". he has just fangs loooks like a gleister.

what is the nature of the gloogenhiester?

well basically the nature of the gloogenhesiter is this: he always is juts walking around.

you see, the gloogenheister is walking around is like he ever always wanted is like he walking was to be.





the gloogenheister is just this little dude woh is just walking around anc chilling every single day and its like omg thins guy is literally just sitting here and cihlling chiling out its just ridiculous to me and to people but its important that we value the gloogenheister from what his values are wand what the things that he wants are.

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My family
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