Sat, 12/14/2013 - 01:56 -- jedadii


I enter the pantry enclosed by rectangular shaped daggers

Sharper than swords, these penetrate the mind

The chef stands adjacent to the board, ready to “teach” the lesson

Clearly cynical, I sit and watch the concoction of words,

The conduction of work and the explanation of its worth

I can watch, you teach me algebra or verbs

But can I combine the two to create a book?


Simple and plain if the music goes in one ear and out the other

Some of you are like they who have little confidence in your craft

Need to stay out of the kitchen

Spice up minds with lessons of life, rather than effortless lines


I want to understand and digest my food of knowledge

Learning is a process; my brain is not a microwave 

The process is innate; I wish to see your confidence

It should resonate within and not go through my esophagus again


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