The Error of History



How many times must we make the same mistake,

when so much is at stake?

The lives of all

will be lost along our glorious fall .

The agendas of a few affect all of mankind

but we don’t seem to mind

all their mistakes.

This is the Error of History


Humanity is climbing a broken ladder

the farther we go down the sadder.

Two steps up, one step down,

three steps up, two steps down

four steps up, four steps down

five steps up,six steps down,

yet we believe things are getting better.

This is the Error of History.


Are we forever doomed

to be slaves to history?

To ignore our youth,

our best and brightest,

to tuck them away in a soundproof booth?

Must we always be attached

to the unbreakable chain,

that inflicts so much pain,

to the Error of History?


I cannot accept this as mankind's fate,

to war and to hate,

to avoid such an unkind end

first we must begin to mend.

We hold the pieces in our hand

but an immediate answer we cannot demand.

Our salvation is not in our grasp,

maybe it is in our grandchildren’s hands,

but it is not in ours.

What we have,

that we must learn from and advance

to insure a future for our world  

is The Error of History.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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