Equality Isn't

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the world had equality?


If we all had choices and freedom?

Now I know what some of you are going to say

Going to preach

Going to cry

We are equal

But I disagree

And the thousands of people who know I’m right disagree


Because equality isn’t waking up one morning in November to find out that your’s and the people you loves lives are now in danger.


Equality isn’t splashing cold water on a face the world hates to try to make the nightmare go away.


Equality isn’t peaking out the window, glancing up the street, wondering what you have to fear today.


Equality isn’t deciding to stay home, frost cracking the windows of the apartment you can barely afford, watching the horror on tv, shuddering as child after teen after adult after person takes their life because they know the world is against them.


Equality isn’t studying your not white skin - again - wondering how what’s on the outside changes what’s on the in.


Equality isn’t being dragged out of your car, beaten and then murdered, for following the orders the white cops gave you.


Equality isn’t knowing and accepting that whatever sexual organs you were born with determines who you are in the world.


Equality isn’t fearing that the certain kind of sex you are or choose might just get you raped because some people think it’s ‘okay’.


Equality isn’t being terrified to hold her hand in public, or being scared of the beating for kissing him, or the collapse of hopes when you’re told “Your love doesn’t count. And you’ll never be allowed to get married.”


Equality isn’t dancing, laughing, enjoying your time, only to be attacked, cornered, and killed in a place of safety. Love. Hope.


Equality isn’t watching all the places that are supposed to be yours be destroyed. Torn apart. Shattered like broken glass.


Equality isn’t crying for being kicked out of all the places you’re not allowed to go to anymore. For being barred from that job. For being banned from your proper facilities or treatments that make your life livable. And all because of the people you love. The identity you choose. The religion you worship. The shade of your skin. Things that are you that you could never change. Would never want to. And should never have to even think about changing.


Equality isn’t hiding yourself or your opinions because the person next to you might kill you for it.


Equality isn’t fearing that person next to you or the walk home at night simply because you’re female or trans or gay or latino/latinx or muslim or black or everything else that is refuted in this world.


Equality isn’t the continual need to push against the aforementioned horrors, to fight the chaos against those who believe they are better. And all because they think being white or straight or christian or another “MAJORITY NORM” is better than the uniqueness and beauty we bring.


Equality isn’t being scared of who you are.


So don’t preach to me about equality.


I know what it is.

And we don’t have it

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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