Equality--A Concept

Equality, it can never exist,

I’ve heard people say, “It’s impossible,”

“Inequality is in our nature.”

Boys will be boys,

Bullies will be bullies,

We can’t possibly coexist,

With people...who are different.


Diversity scares people,

Makes them reject what’s unfamiliar,

Cling to what they know,

Before the unknown can be defended,

They make judgements,

Decide the fate of their victims,

Refuse to even listen,

Xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, racism,

When will we make up a word for a fear of the perpetrators,

Of the bullies who prey on the weaknesses in the differences.


I am afraid of you,

The person who twists their religion to criticize me,

You tweak the holy words for your convenience,

Protest for the “sanctity of marriage,”

While you get your third divorce or get married in Vegas,

Your hypocrisy makes you the enemy,

If hell is where I’m headed, better hold on to my sanity,

“Come out, come out, wherever you are,”

I don’t know, the closet’s feeling pretty safe,

Don’t know if I want to risk it with a step that far.

But you’re the one with the phobia,

And if it’s fear you’re supposed to feel,

Then why am I afraid of you?


But can I make you fear me?

Do I need to spit fire like a dragon or drown you at sea?

Or can I just keep existing,

Me being me,

Hold the hand of my girlfriend,

Maybe even a kiss on the cheek?

Are you scared yet?

Are your feet trembling in your boots?

Oh gosh, I hate to be so rude,

Invade your life and your daily decisions,

Make an impact so deep, you can’t help but need stitches.

I’ll try to refrain from opinions causing you pain,

I’d hate to see your freedoms,

Your well-being be restrained.


Or I can question your worth,

Like you made me question mine,

Be it pleasure or pain,

Us women are inferior,

So it must all be the same.

The goal of perfection can’t be attained,

But girls grow up aspiring to fit the definition,

Of an unforgettable, non-existent standard,

Do your job,

Please the men,

Accept the hair pulling signs of affection that turn into abuse,

Accept less money for the same job,

Accept your place in society,

Don’t ask for more,

“No” is not an answer unless it comes from the men in charge,

You belittle our gender without much attempt,

And in retrospect, we’ve saved this world,

Prevented progress from a crash,

Despite your misogyny,

You are not better than me.


Can I say I hate white people?

You put black eyes in our history,

Beat people into the ground,

Just to feel tall,

Claim reverse racism exists,

While the KKK persists,

Black lives matter because right now they’re the ones at risk,

Systematic oppression forbids your dismay,

I’ve heard racial slurs,

Far too often harsh words..come her way,

And I say, What century are we in?

Can we finally move forward?

Because your confederate flag “heritage” does translate to hate,

Our racial inequity needs a clean slate,

Forgive but don’t forget,

We can’t make the same mistakes,

Segregation is over,

Slavery is gone,

it wasn’t okay,

And the lingering thoughts of superiority,

They can go away,

You’ve been wrong, accept it,

But oh shoot,

Better hold my tongue,

Can’t offend the ones with the power and the guns.


We weren’t born racist,

We weren’t born afraid,

Your out of date demands,

Put you back in Pre-K,

We are all different,

Yet formed to fit society,

We are being punished,

Being judged for who we are,

But you painted yourself as a saint,

Put yourself on a pedestal supported by hate,

But why live in a day and age,

Where who you are gets you hurt,

When we can embrace the unique,

Celebrate the diverse,

Do away with this rotten curse,

Fight oppression with these words,

But you must be right,

Inequality is in our nature,

To fight would be absurd,

Please forgive me,

For trying to make my voice heard,

For dreaming up such a fantasy,

While you sleep peacefully,

Without a worry or concern.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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