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black people are still suffering from the shackles of civil rights we still face racism and discrimination its wrong why cant a black person and a white person get the same job ecpecially if the black works just as hard we shouldnt discriminate years ago people fought and died for our rights to vote and have equal rights and we are still facing it today even though we have some freedoms we still are not let free we struggle we go through hard times dealing with the pressure of going to college if it wasnt for obamas election we would be right back where we came from we deserve the same treatment we deserve fair treatment still even though its a new century we have equal rights is there a way we can act like thats what our ancestors and great grand parents fought and died and walked for..

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i believe that there stillsome discrimination goign on in the world and that it could be resolved if people just realize that we are all eqaul and that its ridicoulous that what was fought for was worthless..


i like this peom

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this is good


Great Poem!! I connect with your feelings on the subject. I hope we have better days. 

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