The Epitome of Hopelessness

Sun, 05/26/2013 - 12:15 -- freunch


United States
42° 41' 3.6096" N, 89° 4' 30.9" W

The epitome of hope gleams in your eyes
Fear, a constant reminder of the past
Whispers in the wind, an unknown story
Yet, you don't let anything show
Butterflies in your sould, chaotically flying

Whispers in the wind, an un known story
Of a tortured soul
Butterflies in your soul, chaotically flying
When you reach that selfish spark

Of a tortured soul
Never to see light again
When you reach for that selfish spark
A fire erupts with in you

Never to light again
The mone is your only witness
A fire erupts in you
when the razor meets your arm

The mon your only witness
This self hatres, your slow demise
Sky blue eyes, acid reain falls

This self hatred, your slow demise
as you now fall into a deep sleep
Sky blue eyes, acid rain falls

As darkness consumes your soul
As you now fall into a deep sleep
While your demise is now complete

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