Rockets sound off bullets whiz by bodies drop the war...is the field of death yet it resembles life and the pits built on the battle field are the gutters bye which we all wait in...but alas one of us stand up one of us rises above our duty and to our calling. Bravery fills our heart and a hero is born out of the gutter of life and strife . To which the end is his success..to this one this leader he realizes he's here for a purpose...for before he use to hear and watch stories about war and before he joined he knew it wasn't all perfect he knew no all would make It but he sat there and signed the paper to protect and to help create his-story . Adversities are just a challenge an obstacle in his path he was taught. He was born from the womb of struggle and since he  has never looked back. He fought the fight for freedom on both fronts while he was away from home a man with pride,dignity,respect,and success all tatted on his brain heart spine and back . A battle for freedom declared so he left to protect his home...Threats came to his country so a hero a leader rose to defend it. through his veins course the blood of a winning,never giving up,cold hearted champion . When he  battled he battled the battle like "a war God  three times going". Her reputation is prominent amongst the platoons of the land do to the fact that the motherland was protected and kept safely by the lending hands. To those who gave their life, or limb. She thanked them for their servitude with her well known gun salute. Their lives laid out for a cause that had started out one faithful night. As we fought for our freedom from England. This cause was to make sure we stay free and to help others that are and where like us to get free. These lending hands where there to help us help the rest of the world as we fought in Korea,Germany, Iraq and Baghdad.
So many tears where she'd so many lost and bleed so many forever gone so many here living there life from then just thinking about the wrong...yet I decided to thing about the right and how they did fight they performed their very best they survived the battle they past the test. I just sit here and wonder of those that had past yet like the autumn greens I know all wasn't lost. They paid the cost just so that on this ground here where I sit where I stand I can do so freely. Unmonitored by anybody. I not having to worry about somebody getting the courage to free me...because long ago and still today some men though not many wake up and say I want to make a difference and that difference I will make today they get up and get ready and they soon get up and on their way...they move about they fight a fight deal with pain but never complain and shout... Just so that us at home may stay free...I mean think about it would we truly be free without some wars from 1812 up till today...ummmm that's a big fat No and also a saluting no way...these men these soldiers these heroes stood up and pictured their epitaph and thought of how they want to leave a legacy...and to let us see that they played their role in helping us all out so they decided to answer the call to greatness and they decided to as a veteran to just simply stand out. To be above and do beyond to not ever be frowned upon..they stair death in the face yet death is the one that's afraid of them not vice versa to the. Death is a mat of glory that one knows some might need to step on... Yet a hero never dies simply because they still thrive and dwell in all our hearts... A hero is forever they are eternal...and we always thank them for protecting us and playing their part...


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