Entwined Hearts


United States
37° 43' 5.304" N, 122° 29' 10.8564" W
United States
37° 43' 5.304" N, 122° 29' 10.8564" W

She was craving for love. 

She wanted to be heard. 

she wanted to be held at night 

and showed off in the daylight. 

She gave her life for him 

and sold her soul for his love 

he sold her love for numerous one night stand ups

One day she woke up and realized it was all a dream

and the man she thought she loved was just a fantasy 

See because she loved him but he lusted for her. 

She gave her all to him and he gave his body to her 

He didnt know how to love a woman because his mom wasnt there 

so he played her until her heart couldnt bare. 

She loved him knowing this because without him she had a empty heart and desert soul. 

She lived with a cloud over head that sprinkled out depression

Until one day she found her heart and attached her soul.

While he was out filling his empty heart with false lost love 

He was losing the diamond that he treated so ruff

She met a guy that engraved fire in her soul and spark in her eyes 

The cloud over head seemed oh so high. 

Then he hit the ground and his life went bad and he remembered the ounce of hope he had.

He dialed her number and got no response 

she changed her number and went on the run  

On the run with her new runner that is because see she found someone that showed her what life is. 

So now hes alone and looking for her. 

But shes gone and now..shell never return. 

He has no choice now but to let it burn,thats why we live and we learn. 


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