Enter in death, walk out life.....

See.....I was birthed in this world, without life.......

Where morals were past few, and cash was the thought of flight.

Those 9 months caused  her to be around, and more than one is what held him down.

I was the world's victim. The victim of broken relationships.

The victim of unprofitable gifts, receiving counsel with no Q-Tip.

What was mine was mine and what was yours was mine.

No identity but a certificate and a social security card.

White and Black classic Reebok's, with a nerve to stomp the yard.

A record that kept getting clean, while they was looking to track me, cage me up, and attack me.

Can i defend myself?

But little did i know, blood was shed for my help.

Being saved through tribulations. One house to another, blood thicker than water migration.

All this hating found comfort. Spoke luv, but what for?

O!!!! how a hug could change a demon to GOD's son.

Finding out all along, your set apart from the other one's, with other "One's"

Introduce to a Father thats law, love and order.

Rebirth with spirit and water.

"Abba, Abba, Father......"

Heard from the mouths of other sister's and brother's.

Who are you my Lord? if Paul comes to mind.

O, smooth criminal with Diana online, being forgotten and binded.

"Believed in me and you shall have life everlasting...."

Unheard words which was spoken and written, left my heart grasping.

I kept asking and asking, these were years thats been pasting.

The mouth that once cursed became one that blessed.

Praising for rest, crucifying the flesh.

"Ooooooa, say can you seeeeeeeee, by the dawn"....... for Christ is light.

See the difference in the flicker, they wanted to put away this ninja; Family friends, to be crippled in depends, but healing came forth!

Jehovah-Rapha in the court. "All rise..........and you may be seated".

Get regrets deleted, stop addictions from repeating.

For even tho, i didn't know, i needed.

Run Forest Grump ,to the hills where help comes from.........

As he past the paton, how far you've come?

Guide that inspired this poem: 


Brandon Sloan

My favorite part is the running of forest gump lol......ya, running for miles and miles to that which mean so much. 


really good

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