Entangled In Darkness

I instill fright inside the young boy during the light darkness of the night.

I engulf my prey while he lay, struggling in pain,

unable to sleep, eat, or converse with anyone. 

His loneliness looms, lurking loudly in my lake of doom.


Only he can remove the wretched pain from inside.

The family alleviates my agonizing aches and aids in aerating the soul.

An alteration in landscape helps him to mend wounds,

but only momentarily, as daily routines beckon my presence once more.


His body is a treadmill,

running on repeat day in and day out. 

He continually begins to take a glimpse the sun once more, 

but the end of the day carries darkness that has no other place to go; 

leaving it to surround him at dusk each day. 


Bang! I am like a train hitting his soul once more.

I return like the Holy One coming back from the dead

after his awakening death. 

My haunting cries fill him with anguish,

as he lays awake wondering why him? why him?


His heart is as fragile as glass,

once I arrive, it is shattered to pieces. 

Upon my return, there is no return for him. 

Darkness is inevitable and will forever haunt him

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My family
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