Enslaved To Lies*

I am confused.
Trying to understand Misconstrued words
It's like looking at a picture, upside down.
I have Wings that people see,
But My wings are useless.
I mean, I can't use them
Scared to take a leap of faith.
It's because I'm filled with hate.
It's because I'm filled with stress
Knowing problems I negate.
Knowing problems aren't fake
Struggles Turn Real.
If you ever meet Satan, your losing your right to feel. Life Changes
Whats wrong in your eyes seems to be right in mine,
By that, i mean your truth is my lie.
I guess that's what I mean when I say I can't see. Is there something wrong with my mindset? Where lies said
Branch from my death?
So I don't care if I lie because it doesn't hurt me. So you think.
While I continue Hurting more than anyone could ever know
I guess its from the frostbites, the world is forever cold.
Running away with the things that i'll never need Knowing lost in my pain is all I'll ever be.
So I cry.
But these are mere thoughts on a paper.
And I'm just a real person,
A Real person turning faker.


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