Thu, 07/28/2016 - 17:56 -- kenoel

Every place we explore

Filled with negativity

Every person

Complains about dignity

Every popular news station

Preaches only the bad


Every human

Has a complaint

Food is modified

Air polluted

Race an Issue

Selfishness overload

Too much crime

Streets are not safe

But wait..


There is

Food all around

Air free to breathe

Tons of people who disregard race

Tons of giving people

Crime is dealt with

We have streets and roads for transportation

Why are we so ungrateful?


I woke up today

So did you  

We are givin tons of things everyday

Yet all you hear about is what wasn’t givin

The world is still here

You are alive today

You’re here to stay

Yet you cannot even give thanks


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Our world
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