Cry! You cry
Fight! You fight
I’m trying to make things right
Babysit? Hell no! got two kids
But you a grown as man-get your
Done! Hell yeah, its time for me to go
Trap? My mistake I thought it was a good
For the soul
But the jokes on me, and that’s why I’m here
Tired! Don’t get me started my heart is too busy
Getting harder
Ice cold? There I am again thought that chapter
Had already end
What you want? Someone to love you!
That’s what a mama is for because my love
Is done dude
What was-isn’t anymore! Got to focus on me
I’m important to me!
Stupid I was, on fire I am, hot as shit
God damn! No I don’t want… SAM I AM
Too much for you- put me out if you can
My blood boils from the thought of you, 
The thought of this, what life I had 
That I made and missed
You are not to blame believe me when I say
But it is my actions that need to be tame-god
Bless the day
You can’t help but to be you, that’s how you were 
Raised but my emotions were curious so I put fire to the
What came out I give god praise but my life is still 
In pain
What I thought I could fix I made it worst but bitch
I’m back and my voice will be heard!


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