Wed, 04/10/2013 - 09:38 -- Lomuse

I just cannot stop here,
All these memories bring me to tears,
I see a face that I cannot bear,
And a feeling that becomes too rare.

In this world we'll find,
A new kind,
Of love that makes us feel,
A love that is flawlessly real.

But these dreams do not stop here,
They continue to rear,
Their head in my way,
But the dreams have more to say.

It is too tough,
On your own,
You have to do this alone.

Let it come,
Don't force it some,
Or at all,
When it happens, you just fall.

Fall enough to feel,
Fall enough that you know it's real,
It is coming soon,
Singing a lullaby as its tune.

You do not have to try,
Because it will just pass by,
Your way and that,
And is enough, but...

I will see you soon.


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