Enjoying life everyday by:


Loving; Being kind; Laughing loudly; Listening silently; Giving hugs; Observing closely because you never know what you might find...; Standing tall; Seeing clearly; Breathing deeply; Feeling Something; Remembering joy to smile; Sustaining yourself; Smiling widely; Singing Freely to know the power of your voice; Caring for others; Resting when you need it; Admiring the admirable; Creating reflections of yourself everywhere you go;  Always believing in purpose. 



Everyone needs something to keep them going. When life isn't enjoyable and you want to give up the question that most likely pops into your head is "What the hell is the point of all this crap?" or "Do I even have a reason for living? Why am I here?". The only way to find the answers to your questions is to go on living your life the best way you can. 

This poem started as a list  of things I needed to do everyday to keep myself looking forward to spending another day on this earth. Sometimes you cant do everything on a personal list but doing some of them can create a different outlook on life.

Finding the answers to questions starts with finding motivation to carry on.

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