Have you ever felt like you had no purpose.

Like no matter all the crazy things you do seem like it's never enough.

Sometimes in my family I feel more like a stranger then a own member in my own house.

When sometimes I cry alone seem not a person in sigh can notice anything wrong with me

. My mom found a poem called dear God before I could even say anything

she said I didn't know you felt that way I break my back for you.

In my mine I didn't even want to hear another words.

There she go notice her problems and just thinking my attitude and it's me.

Never really see the deeper problem.

Keep saying I'm not the only child Hahahaha I know that but look at this.

I ask her something I'm busy no I'm not gonna watch it  

i'm going get in the shower.

But sat in the bed for about 15 minutes .

But you break your back for me.

I'm tried of always getting the blame for everything.

When I try to speak seem it turns back to being my fought once again.

So I give up trying keep myself from all problems all drama keep my headphones on listen to music only realise that I'm here again alone.

Family suppose to be with loving ,hard times, laugh.

Just feel like the enemie in my own family portrait.


Mafi Grey

I feel like that sometimes cause I would get blamed for everything and I have a older sister so I know what sibling are like too. I know that family should be the loving support and all that but from my experience, family isn't blood but a connection between a love one. I have family that can do you wrong more than strangers on the street. See family knows you best so when they hurt you, it's personal cause they know you; they grew up with you. Sometimes I wish it was difference but family isn't always made up to what it is. 

Mafi Grey

Oh one more question, did you draw that picure?


You give so much good advice and my mom was telling me like that to . And no i didn't draw that i wish i did .Thank you for all the support 

Mafi Grey

Thank you, I was always told I give good adive but it's just one of my many skills just from a little thing called wisdom. I mean there's a lot of it just floting around waiting for young minds to tap into it. I beliebe your around tapped in and learning as you go. Yeah it was a great drawing, my grandfather was a great painter and I wish I got that skill from him but my sister got that skill, but I got a lot of other things.


But u received a skill of writing creating your voice to be heard and awakening all the voices who can't be. That's a amazing skill. AYEEEE we share that in common

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

as you get older, use all those negavitve energy and make the changes necessary

break that vicious cycle 

your poems is allowing you to find that source of hope

believe in yourself


You are so right i need to believe in my heart stop thinking everything will hurt me .Thank you so much an since i been writing my emotions it's been better to get it off my chest. 


I feel the exact same way each and every day like im in the family but not apart on it. Sweety I will tell you now it will not get easier within a day. My advice is that you surround yourself with positive friends. Sometimes your friends become your new family. Stay in school and let thus be your motivation to get out the house the correct way, through college . When you get your degree start your life and dont look back for anyone who cant put positivity in your life. You deserve to be happy but it will take time, but in the midst, make the best of what you can


YOU ARE SO RIGHT and school my escape and with my family i learned to grow from it .thank you so much for your advice .I took every word to heart .I wish i would seen this comment sonner thank you so much

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