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Don’t quit. Don’t give in.

The voice whispers.

They don’t know you like I do.

Behind the voice,

Screaming, laughing, and anger.

Open your eyes. Don’t listen to them.

Shut them out and just live.

The screaming grows louder.

“I can’t,” I yell.

Yes you can. You always could.

The commotion starts to dim away.

Now open your eyes.


I open them. I’m terrified by the sight.

My family screaming at me,

Frozen on their faces.

My teammates, disappointed and angry.

It resonates from them like radiation.

My friends, laughing at me,

A feeling of embarrassment flows through me,

But I don’t know why.


The three groups are still, silent, and unrelenting.

I then turn around, and start to shiver.

A mirror, that’s all there was.

An image of myself was standing inside it.

Now you see, the voice said.

The eyes, my eyes, stared back me.

Like the others, he was still.

The others don’t matter.

It doesn’t matter what they think of you.

The image in the mirror blinked and said in a whisper,

I am your worst enemy.


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