I am no more

as I walked through the door

I feel welcomed here

but there he is near

the tour guide

who is to take me on this new ride

I have a question for him 

but my words will not come out from within

where has my courage gone

now that i need it to respond 

it fails the my request 

in the question that I did invest


We proceed our walking

as he continues talking

on the campus I see them

roaming about in the a.m.

as I walk some 

give me a warm welcome


I feel my shell breaking open

the questions are a million

he can hardly keep up with me

my voice is free!!


As I was afraid to come on the college tour

I found myself wanting more

he takes my to the radio station

as I walk in i feel my hearts elevation

he explains the rarity of this opportunity

and i fear what to say live to the community


As they introduce me on air

at first I just stare

here come my fear 

like in the headlights I am a deer



Not again

so then I begin

feeling like a lamb in the den

we discuss my reason for joining them

they tell my they have never done this before

fear I now feel no more

we laugh and jeer

and this experience has brought me nothing but cheer


Fear has had the best of me many times

and for every one I have dimes

but this experience was not one

from new experiences I will not run

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