that endless skyway----- a song-------

Buffalo bones and a river's soul 

oh, I was driving down this highway just 80 miles ago 

I was watching as the grasslands flew by.  


Came to the bridge to cross the river 

I watch as the water fades to brown  

I look down  




Always walking  

oh, I'm never, never stopping

I don't have time for any kinda talking  

I've been walking  




Buffalo bones and a river's soul 

I'd give them away just have you  

oh, I would.  


Checkered plaid and a bright blue sky 

youe were the best I ever had  

and I don't know why. 

I don't know why. 


I come from a land far away 

far across the mountains  

and a day 

where the forests grow green  

and the rivers run their way 

to the sea

You can see the world through the treetops  

and watch the valley gleam. 


And here I stand in this desert land 

this crazy tumble weed place 

I don't know what it was I was thinking 

when I came here anyway 

why would I want  

to leave the safety of my home?  

but baby


were the best I ever had.  


Crumbling creeks and a red-painted sky 

I don't know where to go. 

sunset's coming and I don't know why 

I strayed so far from home. 

I miss my mountains  

I miss my valley 

I miss the sighing trees 

I miss the green, green grass beneath my feet. 


Here the ground is dark  

with the stories 

At home it's red  

as the skies grown 

But I never get so see it though

for when the leaves fall down

autumn comes  

sweeping the clouds away.


And the stars so bright  

are the same stars as here  

sitting on a hilltop

just the milky way, the galaxy, and me.  

And I don't know why  

I would ever want to leave them


I don't know why I would ever want  to leave again. 


Oh, you were the best I had 

my buffalo soul 

my roaming ranger 

my let it go  

but western love ain't what I wanted 



Just a Southern gal from 'cross the mississippi  

don't know  

where I'm going 

cross the river and down the plains 

climbing into the stratosphere 

I'll find my way  

from here to here 

I'll draw the line  

from me to you 

and make the distance dissappear  


and I'll find you 

I'll be beside you 

I'll find you among the stars 

my western lover 

western love 

my western lover 












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