Endless Agony

What’s inside me, you don’t want to see. An endless whirlpool of pain and suffering.I hide it away, for no one to see. But at night, it shows, drowning me in misery.A heart ache to heartbreak. A soft stone that breaks your bones.A blackened hole filled with unwanted toys. Chained in padlocks as if to be decoys.Hidden behind all of my organs is a soul that’s been never made whole.It wallows with fear at the sight of itself and suffers indignity caged on a shelf.Hope is too far a hope to grasp. Love is too hard a love to clasp.All windows are closed and all doors are locked. She is trapped inside a world of bad luck.She’s gone mad and definetly gone blind. She cannot see or tell what’s there while crying.She’s invisible and glass. An easy item held in tightly but yet so easy to crash.So easy to break and shatter. All her insides have fallen to clatters.A battlefield is formed in front of her, as she wields no guards or comforter.The casualties remain unnumbered as her battles lose and are lumbered.Forever, til the end of time, she’ll sit alone. On the side of an endless road.

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