End of Something That Never Started

I never understood

the love in your eyes,

the way your you held me

in your arms,

or the sweet whispers 

of your love for me.

I just couldn't grasp it,

even if it was placed

in my palm for me to grasp,

I'll let it slip through my fingertips

like sand

slipping through

a child's hand.


I don't mean

to sound cold

or distant,

but when a boy my age says

those god awful words,

so sweet it makes your stomach churn,

so sweet it gives you headaches,

so sweet you clsoe your eyes real tight and hope the feeling pass,

those vile three words,

we know the ones:

'I love you.'

It's a sentence

to your death,

a sentence to a

drunken demise,

a sentence to the beginning

of all your troubles.


You see,

when a boy my age

says those three words,

to others, these words are a song,

but to me it is the end

of something

that never started.

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