End Inferiority, Help Minority

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I am me and you are you.
We didn't choose who could be who.

We are born to be, to see.
But this doesn't mean to be…
Angry. Torturous. Condescending.
Because now people are terribly aching.
Aching inside, dying and just wanting to hide.


Because ever since they were an infant.
People were angry that they were different.

How unlucky,
To be – different in color, in race, and in heritage.
To be – tortured and hurt, carrying racial baggage.

What can we do?

Show the world it’s okay to be Mexican or Caucasian,
To be African American, or even Asian.

Show the world how to unite,
How to fight for our right,
To be equally treated,
Since we’re no longer blinded.
By the wrongs and the no’s of racial hatred.

No matter the color, the home, or the race.
We must fight for ones who have a different birthplace.
We will fight for what’s right, and end this disgrace.
Because in the end, we all share the same space.

Now, help the minority
By ending the inferiority.

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