The End to All Ends


We all fear the most inevitable of outcomes

The day our lungs give out and the blackness swallows us

Swallows us like the pills we used to cling desperately to

The pills that promised us a fraction of immortality

We let the flashy infomercials fool us

Just to escape the looming dread and fear

The looming presence of our overwhelming mortality

Immortality is not found within a Fountain of Youth in a lush forest

Immortality is not found within an expensive tube of anti-wrinkle crème

Immortality is found when stumble on your own thoughts and you fall of the track

Immortality is found when you conjure a notion never considered by another human

Immortality is to lose sight of society’s ideal path to immortality

And to fall deaf to Death whispering in your ear

Until then, we will all gradually rot away

A tube of anti-wrinkle crème in our decaying clutch


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