The End


The sweet yet somber days wear on.

The dreary darkness of the world consumes me. 

As I mournfully wait,

for the angel of death to rescue me.

From the cruel dark impurities of the world.

I see the light and yet I can't move.

The craving for it to move toward me grows.

I leisurely move forward.

As the light surrounds me,

I feel all the troubles of the world leave.

Death,death has come at last.

The sweet bliss of life ending,

Soothes my unsteady soul.

Long I have dreamed of this day,

the day of my reckoning.

I am judged and I move on.

My new beginning has just begun.

Although my life has ended,

do not weep my friends.

I am happier now.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



Cancer and death was the main motivator for this poem.



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