the end

remember me as being happy. 
don't look to deep into my depression now
pretend that i was all smiles an joy
pretend that i am off on a journey, soaring through the clouds 
pretend that i was okay, that i was happy an carefree 
please don't look at the bad, because then you would know
then you would see my strained smile and lost gaze in my eyes
the faded scars on my wrist, the dazed an confused look that takes over when i try to ease the pain
please don't remember the bad, please don't be concerned 
my past has vanished, no longer to be remembered 
the future is shattered, like a broken vase
don't try to glue the pieces back, you might get cut
soon, i won't even be a memory, a thought that crosses a sad beings thoughts at the darkest of nights
where am i? am i here, their, anywhere? 
no, i'm gone, i'm nowhere to be found
a dead soul with a shattered heart


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