I stood up once and had known
Falling endlessly of my mind
This is no no dream nor nightmare
Can't say much to ride again some day

Long descendant of my aching heart
Shivers my belligerent and awaiting soul
The flames doesn't seem to do the work
How can this be anymore than a feeling?
I can't dry away my face to where I longed before my time
A river passing day and night to whence I fell

What is it if I can wake up again
If I can speak to all once more
No, blackened covers as a whole for I can't say what's on my mind
Far too long to ever say my everlasting goodbye
Let this that I be forgotten
Let this that I left nothing much

No apologies for the world can live off happily without
What happened if  sAw that dazzling light I once gazed upon
Those stars and her eyes and their glimmer so far away
Gone to my intentions and I lie away from all

Earth for in my dark void
Leave me be and go on some day soon
I can't say that whatever it means
For you what can you live and do once more to live and jump her my hole


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