Empty Nest

Once upon a time this nest was buzzing with everyday chirpings of sparrows
Each morning I woke up from sleep by this beautiful alarm clock
Still sprawled on the bed the first sight that caught my view was this house made of straws
It was the most luxurious penthouse erected on the farthest branch atop a Champa plant
Sparrow mom lay five eggs and sat for days to hatch them
On the seventeenth day the eggs broke and came out baby sparrows
I could see mom flying out of nest every now and then in search of morsels of food
The chirping rose to crescendo once mom came back after bringing pieces of grains in her beak
And then began a melee among newborns to get mom's attention
Mom made sure each one gets some food forgetting she too needed it
For next fifteen days the young ones learned to fly
First they flew with mom to learn the basics but soon flew solo
One morning I woke up late as my morning alarm failed to work
The silence was suddenly annoying that raised my curiosity
Being left with no choice I had to peep inside the beautiful house at the top
I could see the mother sparrow sitting alone and forlorn in the nest
Grieving for her children who flew out to begin a new life away from doting mom
For next few weeks mom kept sitting in the faint hope her children might come back
That was not to be and one fine morning mom too left for an unknown destination
Everyday I see the empty nest and my heart goes out for mom sparrow
Maybe one day they'll all come back and make this empty nest a happy home again

Note: I dedicate this poem to #AgitationAgainstNRC

This poem is about: 
My country


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