You’re always down side up

Smelling roses, filling empty cups

I’m always upside down

Seeing smiles as future frowns


You call it negativity, a fear of the sun

I call it realism, knowing too much

And I’m not saying you don’t know pain

You can be wet and claim there’s no rain


We are the opposites that repel

An exception to a rule that wishes well

You are the world and I am only

Enjoy imitation amity and I, my lonely


Am I a cynic for not believing in love?

So thought one who couldn’t wouldn’t prove me wrong

I’ve never been so displeased to be right

I miss the naivety of hope without sight


But what is the point of my thoughts and my words

After all, I am solitude; that’s how I’m preferred

And all of those people you claim I can call

Well, they chose you; there, you took it all


But the joke’s on you

Because I had nothing to begin with



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