Empty Dreams


United States
40° 39' 53.3808" N, 73° 57' 23.598" W

Walking down the street of "Empty dreams"

Realizing there is nothing left of me.

Every step I take

I slowly fade into the heavy winds,

Little by little.

My surroundings engulfed in flames

No one but me, myself, and my shadows

Entering the bowels of what others call "Hell"

To me, it's paradise.

Not a single soul in sight

No movements

No noise

No rules or regulations to follow

No one trying to force religion down one's throat

Lastly, no phony leaders who preach false hope to the lower class for RESPECT.

Living without any care has it's positive moments

Until you reach the breaking point of no return

You begin to worry about what you could have accomplished





Loss of self-confidence

comes together as a whole,

Creating something much more frightening and vile to the human eye.

You begin to wonder if changes could be made

If the pain will go away

Will you see the light of day

but.....despite of thinking so much about it all

The main question you wonder about is

When all said is done, will you be truly HAPPY?

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this is amazing. please read my poems and tell me what you think

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