Living in an empty world full of empty minds that try to hinder my possibilities.


Where were you when you were supposed to be there?

I keep that sly look that your wicked eyes gazed upon me with

I really could empathize with those that say they actually miss...the old you

Funny how i never seemed to expect much from your blank expressions...no

I want to actually KNOW why you never seemed to care: selfish thinking.

Then I have those that relate everything to themselves...like really?

Two seconds is all I ask for you to escape from your developed hell..I yelled YES!

Do you blame me? You sit there and call me names, but after all I know your game

That you think I am too DUMB to play...

I'll show you DUMB cause after all the games we play I am the one that's still having FUN!

So go ahead, laugh talk all you want

Cause the glass I look at seems to be filled to the top.




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