Emotions suck

Distanced I watched

To come to thee
Apocalypse in my head when I saw her glistening well
The sun seemed to weep
The clouds shivered blithely steep
A closed eye across beyond the stars followed imagination 
A heart seemed to settle running
For a soul to feel so blinded
Hopes wrath shattered the long
As I a fool have never so belonged 
And she finally to settle once more
Not me, but other another more 
The moon as bright as it can be shines upon the moist leaves 
Wavering to glide upon a wondrous pond
Floating can it be to sink again
Till tomorrow or ever bend? 
A speck of dust so visible before where I stand, not even nibble what's seen after
Lying, thoughts oh future has past
Never have I experience a complex formula 
Wine please just once
Alone and all to see her smile not so long 
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