Emotions, aren’t toys,

but if you put them into some of the wrong hands

they can be played with.

That’s why you gotta keep your eyes open and be mindful that man

will fail you every time.

And even though we all carry imperfections its up to you if that persons imperfections are worth possessing

for the time being

or maybe, for a lifetime.

Just remember that emotions, they aren’t toys

they aren’t made to be played with.

Be careful who you lay with because at the end of the day

People hold on to secrets like guns.




Cock their legs back and shoot something in you but won’t mention that its HIV in the chamber.

It’s a messed up game.

Bullets don’t have names but they have destinations,

and if you aren’t being smart about the situation then the next STD victim could be you.

I hate to be that girl giving a speech at your funeral casting words to save lives because life’s unfair.

Because these people, they don’t care about you.

They barely care about themselves

I’m only saying this because I care.

I care about your well-being.

Were all human beings facing demons in this messed up world

Emotions aren’t toys; they aren’t made to be played with.


So don’t throw all your trust eggs into one basket

…don’t throw all of you trust eggs into one basket

Be true to your self.

Your mind, your heart, your body, and spirit.

This poem is about: 
Our world



Deeply Rooted

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