Tears flow freely down the slope of your cheek, concentrated with sadness.

Eyes look up filled with betrayal. Why, why now? 

"Am I not everything you ever wanted, am I not enough? "

There was no response, emotion without words.

Only eyes could express whats bundle inside


 How could I explain this piecring of the heart

Where logically thought can not synchronize as one

There's no logic to what  I feel

Tears will not receive an answer, there are infinite reasons for them.

you must understand what I feel.

Its to much, it doesn't make sense, no intelligent thought.

how do I know what you expect from me. 

Am no mind reader, your tears and looks mean nothing to me, only words have meaning.

But most of all I fail to comprehend.

This monstrosity of emotions you want me to feel.
I can not do what you ask of me.

This emotion you wish for me to share is illogical. 

you may cry an beg me to feel.

but am sorry emotions are just to much to comprehend .


This poem is about: 
Our world


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