Embracing Pigmentations


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Your sterotypes are almost correct,

Though not quite precise


Let me tell you about Fried Chicken,

Because it takes more to get it right.

You need salt and pepper

Seasoning salt…

Lauryes is what I choose.

Then you need the Red Kool-Aid to wash away those

hot summer day blues.

Soul Food nights with my family are always the best

When we have that Fried Catfish and Greens


We have that cornbread on the side

So please, stop baking all my fish…

You know I like it fried.


With seeds,

Ice cold if you please

Red rivers flow from the side of my mouth

And my skin blends it in.

My skin;

Not white,

Not yellow,

nor black,

but brown

will always be exposed during the summer.

I love the heat

And the ghetto?


I know I’m from the ghetto,

My street name was a number.

I’ve made a lot of friends who came and went,

Bus stops with bums asking for two cents.

Street corner hustlers, bloods and crips, guns, and hoochie mammas.

My niggas.

Don’t get me wrong,

Everybody aint rich…

Matter of fact

I moved up like the Jefferson’s

And down like Good Times.

And because my laughter fills the air


Ha, Ha, Ha

GIRL you’re so funny.

Let me tell you something Honey

This is the way my family gets down,

We don’t sit around at a table quietly looking down..

Oh no.

We laugh LOUD,

We talk to each other.

It’s soulful and

United with my mother and my brothers

I have to work my ass off for everyone to know

Just because we are from the ghetto don’t mean we can’t make it.

Yeah we might have no show fathers and baby mamma drama

Niggas killing niggas

But the struggle is real

And shit happens.

And hey,

Nobody is asking what your race is lacking.

I love the skin that I’m in.

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